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Ware-Lyndon House Garden

Project: Ware-Lyndon House Garden

Location: Athens, GA

Role: Landscape Architect

Responsibilities: Master Planning
Hardscape & Landscape Design
Construction Documentation Permitting and Bidding Assistance Construction Observation

Description: The Ware-Lyndon House is a pre-civil war structure just north of downtown Athens, which operates as a beautiful house museum.

To complement the museum, the County decided to implement a historically inspired parterre garden and surrounding landscape improvements.

Key Features: The formal parterre garden contains a central armillary sculpture surrounded by four beds of flowering perennials lined with a low-growing native holly hedge.

The perennial plant material was selected from a list of species used at a nearby historic garden from the same period.

The main entrance to the front door includes a small circular plaza and a linear walkway constructed with wood-molded brick in a historic herringbone pattern.