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About Us

Root Design Studio

We are a landscape architecture firm located in Atlanta, Georgia with a diverse portfolio of public and private clients. We provide a full range of professional services needed to turn your vision into reality.

We generate creative design solutions that tackle the specific challenges of each site. We deliver efficient production coupled with a proactive management style to meet your schedules and budgets.

Core Values

Integrity, Quality Design, and Customer Service

Design Philosophy

We understand that every project is unique and that design is a collaborative and iterative process.

We have the passion to stand up for good design, the realism to know that compromise is essential for success, and the humility to admit that we don’t have all the answers.

Our goal is to create unique outdoor spaces that are:

    • Functional and inspiring
    • Sensitive to the surrounding environment
    • Elegant in their simplicity
    • Contextually appropriate
    • Consistent with construction budgets, and
    • Aligned with expected levels of maintenance

Professional Registrations:

Georgia – LA001408
Florida – LA6667119
South Carolina – LSA1174


GDOT Prequalified (3.08, 3.13)
Trail Master Certification

“When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it is attached to the rest of the world”

– John Muir